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Apr 14, 2021

One of the best ways to analyse and understand the nationwide real estate boom that’s currently sweeping Australia is to read Hotspotting’s bi-monthly newsletter, The Ryder Report.

This is a 25-page report which covers events and topics relevant to all corners of Australia.

And in this new April 2021 edition I explore some of the core issues, including the likely impact if the Reserve Bank changes its mind and decides to lift the official interest rate.

There’s a lot of media speculation about whether or not the RBA will lift the cash rate – despite its repeated statements that it won’t change the rate until 2024 at the earliest – and what the likely impact would be if it did so.

One of the reasons why economists and journalists are so fixated on the possible impact of an interest rate rise is because they think that low interest rates are the cause of the boom.

But they’re wrong. It’s not. There are multiple strong reasons why we have this strong nationwide upcycle.

I have 15 dot points on my list of growth drivers and in this edition of The Ryder Report I list those reasons.

Also in this edition of The Ryder Report, we publish excerpts of a report written by the man I regard as Australia’s best real estate research analyst, Simon Pressley of Propertyology.

He says that Australia has the best conditions for capital growth in 15-20 years and that it’s likely that property values will double in this five-year growth phase.

And there’s a whole lot more in this edition of The Ryder Report.

We analyse prices, we refute recent examples of media misinformation, we highlight specific growth markets, we provide special tips for investors, and we provide a state-by-state review of all the major events and issues in residential property across the nation.

So make sure you get your copy of the April edition of The Ryder Report, to ensure that you are fully-informed about the great Australian real estate boom.