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Jan 29, 2023

The reality of statistics is that you can use them to tell any story you like. This reality impacts real estate consumers every day.

You can take any set of figures about house prices and use them to tell a positive story or a negative one, depending on your viewpoint.

Media, usually, will choose the negative option –...

Jan 28, 2023

If you’re a long-term customer of a major bank with a mortgage and you’re paying their standard mortgage rate, then you’re likely paying a loyalty tax.

That’s because new customers to your bank will be offered a lower interest rate than the one being paid by the bank’s longer-term customers.

There are many...

Jan 27, 2023

Sometimes the best clues about what will happen with property markets come from the things happening behind the scenes, often hidden from the view of the general public.

News media obsesses over the latest price data as the best way, indeed the only way, to chart what’s happening with property markets.

But, for...

Jan 26, 2023

It will probably surprise many people to learn that house prices are rising in most Australian capital cities at the moment.

That’s according to the new House Price Report from one of the nation’s leading real estate websites,

The Domain report indicates that house prices rose in the December Quarter...

Jan 25, 2023

I find it quite startling that no one in this country questions the prevailing theory that the best way – indeed the only way – to fight inflation is to increase everyone’s mortgage rates.

Everyone – including economists, politicians, journalists and the general public – seems to blindly accept, without...