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Dec 21, 2022

More and more credible analysts are suggesting that residential property prices will grow in 2023.

At Hotspotting we certainly believe that most locations will deliver some level of price growth in the coming year.

So, how to determine the best places to focus your attention, to take advantage of the growth that’s...

Dec 21, 2022

There’s a lot of media speculation around about the downturn in what economists call “the Australian property market”, with doomsday predictions for house prices in 2023 - but when you look at the actual data, that’s far from the reality.

There continue to be growth markets right across the country, as well as...

Dec 18, 2022

Residential rents in capital city Australia are 24% higher than a year ago, according to the latest Rents Index from SQM Research.

Five of the eight capital cities have recorded annual growth of 20% or more in their rents, headed by Sydney which is up 28%.

Close behind is Melbourne which is up 24%, Brisbane 23% and...

Dec 16, 2022

The key thing that Australian consumers need to know about property prices is that the state of play depends on whose figures you read.

Media reports CoreLogic data most of the time and tends to treat it as gospel truth – and never acknowledges the reality that there are other credible sources of price information...

Dec 14, 2022

There is a growing chorus of reputable real estate analysts who are forecasting that residential property prices will rise in 2023.

In contrast to the predictions of economists working for the big banks and other institutions, specialist real estate researchers see prices growing in the year ahead.

No one is forecasting...