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Aug 19, 2022

Rumours of the death of the Melbourne market have been greatly exaggerated.

While media is full of feverish headlines and soundbites about falling demand and collapsing prices, our research proves it simply isn’t so.

The Melbourne market is renowned for its resilience in tough times and our latest quarterly survey has confirmed it, with busy sales activity and solid price outcomes – particularly in the cheaper markets.

Our Spring 2022 quarterly survey has found 193 suburbs with persistently good sales activity – only 1 less than in our Winter Survey 3 months ago. This is despite the disruption of rising interest rates, cost-of-living pressures and persistently negative media.

That so many Melbourne locations have been able to maintain forward momentum, despite all the negative forces, is testimony to the strength of the city, which was named as the nation’s No.1 growth economy in the July 2022 edition of the State of the States report by CommSec.

Whether it’s the cheaper outer ring areas, the popular middle Melbourne suburbs or the inner-city apartment precincts, there’s still plenty of life in the Melbourne property market, so grab your copy of the new edition of Top 5 Melbourne Hotspots, which feature the best prospects in this consistent market.