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Jun 3, 2021

As the residential property market rapidly recovers post-covid and desperation fills the real estate scene, it’s become harder for buyers to compete.

Too often buyers are led to believe they are on the back foot and have to agree to anything demanded by the selling agents to secure a property (e.g. your offer must be unconditional to be considered by the vendors). But this is not the case.

Leading mortgage broker and property investment expert Louise Lucas of The Property Education Company says: “Sorting out and sticking to your own race is the most important part of your property investing plan.”

On Wednesday 26 May, Lucas and Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder discussed smart ways to prepare to purchase in a hot market.

This webinar covered:-

- How buyers can move quickly and efficiently when they have found a property they want to buy.
- Why it is critical that investors sort out their funding options before they put time into searching for properties and competing in busy markets.
- How to beat the competition with a compelling offer.
- What you need to understand about loan pre-approvals – what they mean and don’t mean.