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Dec 21, 2022

There’s a lot of media speculation around about the downturn in what economists call “the Australian property market”, with doomsday predictions for house prices in 2023 - but when you look at the actual data, that’s far from the reality.

There continue to be growth markets right across the country, as well as some which have been in decline since 2021 – long before interest rates started to rise.

For the Summer 2022-23 edition of The Price Predictor Index report, we analysed thousands of housing markets throughout Australia to determine the patterns with sales activity, which means buyer demand.

We do this because sales volumes are a forward indicator of what will happen with prices.

Rising transaction levels are usually a precursor to property price growth.

Equally, if sales activity is falling, price growth will slow, or stop – or prices may fall.

Across Australia, there are over 800 towns and suburbs where sales activity is rising and hundreds of others with consistent market performance.