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Aug 16, 2020

The biggest, most active and most important cohort in real estate across Australia right now are first-home buyers.


And this has important implications for property investors.


FHBs are busier than ever before because there’s never been a better time to be a first-time buyer in Australia.


Interest rates are lower than ever before and the level of government assistance for first-timers has never been higher.


The activity of FHBs is putting pressure on prices in the areas where first-timers typically buy – in the more affordable areas of our capital cities and in good regional areas within striking distance of capital cities.


Investors should be following this trend because of the concentration of FHB buying in certain locations will inevitably cause prices to rise.


All of this makes the latest reports published by Hotspotting even more important than usual.


This is our Cheapies Bundle – the two editions of the Cheapies with Prospects reports – the City Edition and the Regional Edition.


Both reports outline the best places to buy affordably in areas with good prospects of capital growth.


So these reports provide what many real estate consumers are seeking right now – not just young home buyers but also many investors.


Good locations, with homes at attainable prices, in areas where prices are set to grow strongly.


Get yourself a copy today.