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May 1, 2021

When everywhere is having a price boom, how do you choose the ten best places to buy?

Right now, it feels like you could throw a dart at a map of Australia and buy wherever it lands – and you’ll get capital growth this year.

But investors should be thinking beyond the current boom and taking a longer-term view.

In times when buyers are busy, homes are selling quickly and prices are rising month by month, it’s critical that investors avoid being reckless.

It’s important to examine the credentials of locations and their potential to deliver sustainable long-term growth.

In considering our choices for this new edition of the National Top 10 Best Buys, we have looked at the more distant horizons.

We have opted for locations that …

  • Offer a reasonable level of affordability
  • Have low vacancies and rising rentals
  • Are underpinned by a strong and diverse economy
  • Have good existing amenities plus spending on new infrastructure
  • Fit the key trends that are likely to drive markets for the foreseeable future
  • Have not yet approached their market peaks.

Our new Top 10 list has locations spread across Australia and has a mix of capital city and regional locations.

They’re all places with great potential to deliver for investors.

So get yourself a copy of the new edition of our most popular product, the National Top 10 Best Buys report.