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Jun 28, 2017

‘Hotspots’ is actually a term that’s been used, abused and misused a lot in all sort of spheres of activity, but in the up-terms a hotspot is a place that’s going to out- perform the general marketing in terms of capital growth.

Welcome to the Hotpotting podcast hosted by Terry Ryder of and Drew Grosskreutz of Otium Group. Through the podcast, Terry & Drew will give advice, tools, data, strategies and support for home buyers and property investors within Australia.

Terry Ryder has been writing about real estate for a long time and the one thing that home owners and property investors alike want to know about is ‘what’s the best place to buy?’. He’s concerned about the serious issue where people who only hear media sound bytes and read headlines are being mis-informed about real estate….and making big financial decision based on this mis-information.

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