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Jul 25, 2017

In Episode 6, Terry & Drew delve a little more into the Price Predictor Index Report.

The index analyses sales in every Australian suburb or town. It finds the growth patterns - the places that will soon show price growth. It also finds markets that are going backwards – the ones to avoid. All this is analysed and presented in a report that covers the key markets in every state and territory. We also present the best performers in easy-to-read short features:

  • the Five Star Growth Suburbs
  • the National Top 50 suburbs
  • the National Top 10 municipalities with multiple growth markets
  • the Nation’s 50 Most Consistent Markets
  • the Dirty Dozen, the National Bottom 12 markets to avoid.

In this episode

  • Movements in interest rates to comply with APRA
  • Looking at markets where sales volumes are rising but also where there’s a high level of consistency
  • Avoiding places where sales volumes are dropping sharply
  • Why regional areas are getting far more sales interest
  • How does a suburb make the Top 50 List
  • Boom markets quite often become bust markets
  • Why the Sunshine Coast has a national growth star

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