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Jan 9, 2018

In his first podcast of 2018, Terry discusses the impact of population growth on real estate markets in Australia.  

In this episode we cover:

  • Victoria's position as the growth king in Australia and the impact on the housing market there
  • The growth population pattern across each state in Australia
  • Net overseas migration is at the highest levels since 2009
  • Interstate migration to Queensland has picked up again after a few slow years
  • In a reversal of recent trends, Tasmania has recorded a net interstate migration gain
  • Analysis of the latest population figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 
  • The shifts of net overseas migration particularly in NSW which recorded in FY2017 the highest level of overseas migration in the past 50 years, over 40% of all net migration.
  • 70% of overseas migration into Australia see migrants going into Sydney or Melbourne.
  • The changing state of interstate migration and the impact that has on the local state economies
  • The impact of these population trends on housing affordability in the Australian Property market

For more information and detailed figures visit - Population Growth Spurs Property markets

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