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Jan 23, 2021

Some parts of Australia have low vacancies. But others, notably in the inner-city areas of our major cities, have large numbers of empty properties.

The question for many landlords is: what’s the best way forward when past strategies aren’t working and it’s hard to achieve good rentals and acceptable returns?

The best answer is to consult the experts. And on Thursday 21 January, Hotspotting will present a webinar featuring property management expert Jo Natoli of The Rental Specialists.

Jo will be speaking to Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder to discuss the best strategies for real estate investors facing difficult situations.

Jo and Terry will discuss …

• How to find tenants when vacancies are higher than usual
• How to maximise your rental return
• How to set up your property to get the best results
• Why a good manager is the best investment when times are tough.

At Hotspotting we think these are key issues to focus on, as we launch our webinar series for 2021.