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Sep 12, 2018

In this podcast Terry Ryder looks at four key markers that suggest coming price growth.

Despite media doom and gloom about falling property prices, the latest monthly price report from CoreLogic (the source of most articles and headlines on prices) tells us that there are 14 major market jurisdictions across Australia (eight capital cities and six state regional areas) – and nine of the 14 have price levels higher than last year.

I see plenty of potential for buyers to find locations where prices are rising or are on the cusp of a growth phase. But how to find these locations? Here are four markers that provides clues to future price growth.

1. The underlying local economy is rising.

2. Demand has risen but prices haven't moved much - yet.

3. Rents have risen strongly, but prices haven't moved much - yet.

4. Prices haven't moved much overall, but the top end has had strong growth.

Put all those indicators together and they point to strong price growth in the near future in three capital cities: Canberra, Adelaide & Perth.