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Jan 18, 2021

Places that offer both affordability and lifestyle are at the forefront of real estate dynamics across Australia at the moment.


First-home buyers comprise the most active cohort in the market – and the first thing that young buyers are seeking is affordability.


If an affordable location also offers good infrastructure and proximity to major employment nodes, then so much the better.


There is another significant cohort in the market – owner-occupiers wanting to exit the inner-city areas, having made the decision to work remotely, and seeking places that offer a different lifestyle at a more affordable price.


For investors, this is news you can use.


The locations that are being targeted by these other cohorts seeking affordable options are the ones that are showing the best growth at the moment.


Investors were, for the most part, sitting on the sidelines in 2020 but now it’s time for them to get into the market.


There’s a broad consensus among analysts and commentators that we are going to see significant price growth in 2021.


I’m expecting a nationwide property boom in 2021 and beyond – and locations with good infrastructure which offer affordability will be at the forefront of the growth.


So, it’s timely that we are now publishing our Cheapies with Prospects Bundle.


This comprises two Top 5 reports – the City edition and the Regional edition – which jointly focus on 10 key locations which offer an attractive level of affordable buying options and, importantly, the key drivers for price growth.


If you’re an investor thinking of getting into the market this year, to take advantage of the growth that’s coming, this is the right product to get.


The Cheapies with Prospects bundle provides the guidance you need to buy well – ahead of the boom that’s building across Australia.