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Mar 24, 2021

It’s puzzled many property observers in recent years. Why has Brisbane been so quiet?
But not any more.
Brisbane’s time to shine has arrived. Sales activity has soared in the past six months and prices are starting to rise.
This dramatic change in the Brisbane market – from dormant to dynamic – is happening for clearly identifiable reasons.
All the drivers that propel property markets forward are now in alignment. Brisbane is now one of the nation’s most compelling markets.
It’s becoming recognised as the place to invest and a city ripe for new activity by property developers. The prospect of a Brisbane Olympics has made it even more enticing.
Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder is hosting a special webinar event on Wednesday evening, 24 March, to discuss the perfect storm that’s gathering for a Brisbane real estate boom.
The webinar will …
• Explain why Brisbane’s time has come
• Outline the key drivers of the Brisbane boom
• Discuss the best places to buy
• Identify opportunities for developers and investors
• Launch a special “Why Invest In Brisbane?” report which will be made available to a limited number of businesses.