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Oct 31, 2018

The Sydney market overall is in wind-down after its recent up-cycle, but there will still be opportunities for growth for investors who buy strategically.Many of those opportunities will arise out of government policy decisions, including moves to restrict new development in the Ryde area and plans for major infrastructure across Sydney.

Another big influence comes from State Government assistance measures for first-home buyers, who are particularly active at the moment and are keeping markets strong in the more affordable areas of Greater Sydney.

There are many signals that the Sydney property market, overall, is well past its prime. Our research shows that sales activity has been decreasing, auction clearance rates are reducing and the areas with the busiest sales activity are now on the fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area.These are all indicators that the growth cycle is waning - and this is being reflected in price decline in some markets. None of this is surprising, given four years of strong price growth across the Sydney metropolitan area. Few growth cycles last longer than that.

So the period in which it was easy to achieve capital growth in Sydney has passed into history. Investors now need to be more selective in choosing locations.

We believe the best way to find future growth is by buying property that lies in the path of progress – i.e. by following the infrastructure trail. Major spending on infrastructure has been a core ingredient driving the strong Sydney economy (from which has sprung the recent property boom) and it will be a major element in underpinning existing values and creating future growth.

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