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Nov 13, 2017

In today’s we analysis the latest Hotspotting report released, the popular Price Predictor Index - Spring Edition

The index analyses sales in every Australian suburb or town. It finds the growth patterns - the places that will soon show price growth. It also finds markets that are going backwards – the ones to avoid.

Click here to purchase the Price Predictor Index - Spring Edition

In this episode:

  • Latest findings from the Spring Edition of the Price Predictor Index
  • How regional markets are now dominating the national property picture
  • Why areas around Newcastle and the Hunter region are having significant growth momentum
  • Why areas that were in a bust due to the resources sector are starting to turn around
  • The risks in buying in a boom or bust area
  • The surprising results in the Perth property market
  • Why Adelaide was a stand out in this edition of the Price Predictor Indicator


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