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Mar 6, 2018

On this podcast episode,  Terry examines the claims made in another example of a poorly researched and misleading media report about the Australian property market, this time from the national publication The Australian.


In this episode Terry covers:

  • The media outlet Terry believes to be most dangerous when it comes to real estate property investment reporting
  • Detailed breakdown and analysis of a misleading article from The Australian on Feb 25 which was full of incorrect claims made by lazy journalists
  • The debunking of the myth that buyers want to be buy close to the city for job access
  • Why the suburbs of Ransom and Stanmore are very poor case studies to demonstrate trends in median housing price analysis
  • Why you need to disregard any median price reporting that does not involve 10 or more housing sales in a year
  • The wide sweeping incorrect claims of a Brisbane intercity boom using Yeerongpilly as a case study which has only had an actual rise of only 2.9%