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Sep 20, 2017

Today we chat about Hotspotting’s latest report - Top 5 Supercharged Infrastructure Hotspots 2017.

Infrastructure development is the most powerful creator of capital growth in real estate. Whether it be transport, medical or educational infrastructure, the development of such factors is a potent economic driver. It generates business activity and jobs, which creates demand for real estate, both during construction and after completion. Transport infrastructure - roads, rail links, bridges and tunnels - adds to the appeal of locations by making them more accessible. Hotspotting research shows that city suburbs with rail services show better capital growth, on average, than those without.

In this episode

  • Latest Real Estate News - Why lenders are cutting the interest rates for interest only loans
  • Biggest mistakes investors make when researching
  • Why infrastructure is the most powerful creator of capital growth in real estate
  • Examples of rail infrastructure and how it can impact the surrounding regions
  • A Case study of Penrith
  • Why age of residents impacts the growth of a region in real estate investment
  • The biggest single factor people consider when purchasing their home
  • Examples of the type of infrastructures that can impact land and house values
  • Why lags can exist in real estate demand
  • Why Townsville is going to be a market area to watch for the future
  • How to buy ahead of the pack

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