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Mar 19, 2018

On this episode Terry Ryder from Hotspotting discusses the recent findings by PIPA and CoreLogic regarding price growth over time where it shows is that, overall, the past five years have been quite tame for growth in house prices.

Information put together recently by PIPA found that Hobart had achieved the highest percentage growth in house prices among the capital cities over the past 15 years, while Sydney had recorded the lowest growth.

There are similarly surprising outcomes from publication by CoreLogic of the growth in various jurisdictions across Australia in the four most recent five-year periods.

In this episode Terry covers:

  • Detailed analysis of recent long-term price growth publications from PIPA and CoreLogic
  • The incorrect media headlines around a national property boom and unprecented price growth in areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, which just isn't true as shown by the data. 
  • The findings that show regional differences within each of those five-year periods, reinforcing once again that we do not have a single national market, but many different local markets.
  • Examples of major city vs regional areas price growth over time showing that contrary to popular belief, the major cities do not always out-perform the smaller cities or the regional areas.

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