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May 13, 2021

As property prices rise rapidly across Australia, there is a growing chorus of voices concerned about the deterioration of affordability.

Some claim that more and more people are being priced out of the market.

As is so often the case, such claims can be exaggerated – designed more to drum up publicity than to inform the public.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that prices are escalating in many parts of the nation and that properties are selling quickly at often higher-than-expected prices.

It’s making it harder for investors to find affordable locations with good growth prospects.

That’s where Hotspotting comes in, with its Cheapies with Prospects reports.

These are the special Top 5 Hotspots reports that identify good places to buy, where the prices are cheap, but the growth prospects are strong.

We have two separate editions of the Cheapies with Prospects reports – the City edition and the Regional edition – but we offer them together, as a Bundle.

If you get the Cheapies Bundle, you’ll get access to 10 good locations to buy at affordable prices, and you’ll get the two reports together at a discount of 20% compared to the cost of buying the two reports separately.

So have a read of our Cheapies with Prospects reports to find out the best places to buy in the capital cities and in the regional areas at attainable prices – but, most importantly, with good prospects for capital growth in the future.