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Aug 22, 2017

This episode we talk about one of the most popular Hotspotting reports the Price Predictor Index.

The index analyses sales in every Australian suburb or town. It finds the growth patterns - the places that will soon show price growth. It also finds markets that are going backwards – the ones to avoid. All this is analysed and presented in a report that covers the key markets in every state and territory.

In this episode:

  • How the quarterly Price Predictor Index is created using the study of purchasing patterns of property sales
  • Case study: How the price predictor and sales patterns have shown Hobart to be the hottest location right now.
  • Using property data like the Price Predictor Index to see trends and make purchasing decisions up to 18 months ahead of current market activity
  • Why Sunshine Coast is a great example of using intelligence data and research to alert of significant changes in the market to get a good buy
  • How major infrastructure projects such as hospitals and universities can boast real estate demand in an area
  • Why you may miss out being a Real Estate snob and how downmarket locations can soon become boom suburbs such as Caboolture and Blacktown

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