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Mar 28, 2023

Misinformation about real estate is rife in Australia, to the extent that most of the nation’s citizens are utterly and constantly confused about what is really going on in our housing markets.

But the single worst piece of misinformation of all, among the many that afflict Australian consumers daily, is a report...

Mar 28, 2023

Media continues to discuss the downturn in “the Australian property market”, but our analysis confirms there are many different scenarios playing out across Australia.

There really is no such entity as “the Australian property market” – because it’s normal to have, at any point in time, markets which are...

Mar 24, 2023

The State Government in Queensland has been devoting itself recently to demonstrating why Australia has a rental shortage crisis.

Vacancy rates are the lowest ever recorded and rents are rising in most markets across the nation - because the people who supply rental properties have been consistently and systematically...

Mar 13, 2023

Recently there have been media headlines along the lines of “Rental crisis shows no sign of softening”, as if there was an expectation that vacancies should be rising and rents easing.

Of course there are no signs of the rental shortage crisis softening.
It’s going to get considerably worse before it gets...

Mar 12, 2023

The good news about interest rates is that it appears we are at, or near, the end of the cycle of rising mortgage rates.

That’s if you can believe the words of the Reserve Bank Governor, Philip Lowe.

But of course, we can’t believe him because he’s the guy who kept telling us he wouldn’t be lifting interest...