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Jul 22, 2024

There really is no realistic prospect of rental vacancies rising significantly any time soon, which is grim news for tenants in most parts of Australia.

Vacancy rates continue to be close to those historic lows that have become the norm in the past couple of years and I can’t see any way they will improve in the...

Jul 22, 2024

There will continue to be upward pressure on prices and rents for the foreseeable future, with no end in sight for the imbalance between supply and demand in residential property markets across Australia.

National valuation firm Herron Todd White reports that, nationally, home prices have increased for 17...

Jul 22, 2024

Real estate consumers tend to place their attention on the markets receiving the most media headlines, which primarily are the ones that have shown the biggest growth in the past month or the latest quarter or year.

But that is not the best measure of which locations have been showing the best growth. 

To get a better...

Jul 17, 2024

It’s the dream for many Australians: an annual income above $100,000 without working. It sounds too good to be true, but with sensible – and safe – investment strategies it’s possible.

And it can be done in less than 10 years.

Investment expert Danny Buxton says investors can steadily build a portfolio of six...

Jul 17, 2024

For a long time I have argued that housing is expensive in Australia because politicians have made it so – AND keep making decisions that add to the cost.

The value of all residential real estate in this country is under-pinned by the cost of creating new dwellings – and those costs keep rising, way beyond the rate...